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Searching for My New Editor

I'm currently taking to editors about a completed novel (are they ever really complete?) and a work in progress. This has spurred me to revisit cover ideas and to concoct a synopsis, which is still getting tinkered. Here's where we are so far and a rough draft of how the cover will work.

"Return of the Lash"

(synopsis in progress)

“Return of the Lash,” is the highly anticipated sequel to “Spycraft and the Lash,” which introduces Rex Armstrong, a wise-cracking federal employee with a few kinks. In the first book, Rex is recruited into helping solve a murder by a mysterious government agent named, “Wellborn.” In this installment, a serial killer is offing members of the fetish underworld in gruesome ways. Wellborn attempts to recruit Rex to help him identify the killer based on his knowledge of the kink community. Rex has mostly turned his back on his old life in exchange for coupled bliss with his girlfriend, Lucy Wright. The plot twists, the pages turn, and the bodies pile up as we scream to the exciting conclusion.


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