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Vengeance for All: Synopsis and Character Sketch

In the not-so-distant future, disparate individuals are living in Washington D.C. where political tribalism has continued to grow more heated. A liberal government has installed “The Program” as a heavy-handed, socialistic safety net for anybody in danger of falling through the cracks.

Right wing militias have become better organized and are plotting another attempt to overthrow the government. To crack down on the militias, the government has also enacted “The Booth Act,” which gives them wide latitude to execute suspected enemies of the state. The executions are done through hanging and conducted on military bases.

The story is told through revolving points of view of the main characters who include a U.S. District Attorney, a journalist, militia members, a real estate developer and a CIA operative.

Brittany Jacobs is a U.S. District Attorney in charge of implementing the Booth Act and has supervised the hanging of over a hundred people. She is grieving the death of her husband and overly stressed, which she suppresses with work, exercise, and martinis.

Trevor Nathan is a reporter for one of the big papers in town. He has a taste for the finer things in life but can’t afford them. He’s prone to obsession and is focused on witnessing and covering one of the executions. To that end, he stalks Brittany.

Tony DeFacto is a disgraced real estate developer who got caught trying to bribe government officials while the previous conservative administration was in power. That and a case of vehicular homicide landed him in federal prison. While in prison he was befriended by individuals with ties to the militias who want him to infiltrate The Program using a false identity. Tony agrees while contemplating a double-cross.

Audrey Mirage is the cover name for a CIA operative who is attempting to keep Trevor Nathan and Brittany Jacobs alive, without them knowing about it while thwarting the militia’s plans. Audrey is cunning, slightly jaded, and extremely lethal.

Colonel Lee Jackson is a retired U.S. Army Colonel who is active in the militias and is plotting along with Charles Acorn, his superior, to overthrow the government. One of Jackson’s underlings was prosecuted by Brittany which raises the stakes. Jackson and his superior’s relationship is precarious fueled by suspicion and the quest for power.

Charles Acorn is a former Marine Corps General who is loyal to the militias while also being the Director of The Program. He is a holdover from the past administration who was able to use political connections to retain an important job in government.


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