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This fall the Big Gorilla will be rolling out a new novel from Scott Sowers called “Spycraft and the Lash, a psychosexual thriller which is really, according to the author, a "love story." The book is written and has been edited by Jan Arzooman. The cover is still being tweaked while blurbs and reviews are being sought. A presale offer will be launched somewhere prior to Halloween, so stay tuned.

Spycraft reflects the author’s desire to write a page-turning spy story complete with some kinky twists. The plot-driven novel follows federal worker Rex Armstrong who finds himself pulled into a nest of spies where everybody has a secret and nobody is who they seem to be. Along the way he uncovers insights about himself, the world and possibly the woman he truly loves. Here’s a peek at the cover – we’re trying to decide between a matte or a glossy finish.

Matte or Glossy?

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