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Now Available in Paperback!

This has been a big month for the Gorilla as “The Adventures of Sarkis and Hagop,” John Vartoukian’s first novel is now available through Amazon as a paperback or an e-book. John is a long time member of the Novels in Progress group. Sarkis worked it’s way through the workshop process and finally is available. Congratulations, John!

John Vartoukian and Scott Sowers at the DC Author Festival

Speaking of John, he and Scott Sowers participated in this year’s DC Author Festival which was held in the MLK library in Washington, DC. The event attracted several well-known area writers including Tom Doyle ​and Chuck McCutcheon. The event included a vendor fair where authors displayed and sold their work to fans and fans yet-to-be.

On the Shelves at Politics and Prose

Meanwhile, “Life and Death at the Dog Park,” by Scott Sowers found a home on the shelves of the main Politics and Prose bookstores on Connecticut Avenue in the District. Wow! The Hill Rag, which prints all the news fit to print in Capitol Hill has agreed to reviewing the book in their November edition – which isn’t far away stay tuned!

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