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Pre Book Launch Kindle Sale!

Mooky is Back!

The Gorilla is happy to announce that the sequel to "Life and Death at the Dog Park," is finally available for your reading pleasure and for a limited time it's available for the incredible low price of $2.99 on Kindle! Here's a synopsis of the plot and a link to your very own copy of "Bed, Breakfast, and Murder."

Every one is a suspect in this cozy-style mystery. This book is a sequel to "Life and Death at the Dog Park" that follows the adventures of Vivien Szabo, a retired Secret Service officer in Washington, D.C. and her black Labrador Retriever, Mooky. In this story, Vivien, Mooky and close friend Lenny travel to the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia for a weekend getaway. Upon arrival they are confronted by a controversial TV show host who proceeds to insult everyone at the inn. The next morning, Mooky and Vivien discover his dead body in the barn as heavy rains isolate the guests and prevent escape. The trio work to solve the mystery and identify the murderer.


Spy Thriller, Anyone?

In other news, "Spyycraft and the Lash," a psychological thriller is also available for your reading pleasure also for only $2.99 on Kindle! Here's the lowdown...

Rex Armstrong is stuck in a government job and trying to escape a troubled past by exploring the twisted underworld of Washington, D.C. when he's ensnared in a murder investigation. A mysterious federal agent offers him a way out by recruiting him into a web of espionage where nothing is what it seems. The adventure pulls him behind the curtains of power where he uncovers the truth about himself, the world, and the woman he truly loves.


Still Haven't Read "Dog Park?"

Well it's never too late because books never go bad. Here's the one that started it all and it too is now priced where everybody can afford only $2.99!

A normal day at the dog park is disrupted when Mooky, a black lab comes bounding out of the woods with a human leg bone in her mouth. Retired Secret Service agent, Vivien Szabo, who is the owner of Mooky is pulled into this cozy-style, mystery- thriller where her friends and neighbors all become murder suspects. The story is told through the eyes of Mooky and Vivien, who also becomes involved with one of the Washington Metro Police detectives assigned to the case. Set in a local dog park in Washington, DC, the tale spins through racial tension, lust and hidden desires while focusing on the often off-kilter, canine-centric, social dynamic of the dog park.

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