Like to Speak to a Gorilla? 


Awesome. We would like to talk to you.  


Just to clarify. We do not buy books, or offer advances.  We set up Big Gorilla Press to publish our own books and help others who have self-published or those who are considering it.  


We understand Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and can help you set up your own pages for an affordable hourly rate.  We can also design book jackets and set up simple websites like this one.  


We can help you write a press release but we're not sure anybody actually reads those anymore.  We can't get you on Oprah.  Wait. Is Oprah still on? We can't guarantee you a review in the New York Times.  We can help you create your author page on Amazon or any other platform you like. 


These are the days when writers are expected to do more than just write good stuff.  Now we have to be promotors, publishers and marketers.  We think this would be easier with a gorilla on the team. Join us. Won't you?  Gorilla Mail 

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